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GameKick Jailbreak Rules

General Rules

[G1] Please attempt to solve any disputes between two parties politely before contacting admins

[G2] If admins must get involved, highest admin's descision is enforced and final

[G3] No harassment

[G4] No radio spam

[G5] No talking over the warden

[G6] No ghosting

[G7] No hacking, scripting, exploits, et cetera

[G8] No LR interference

[G9] When warden dies, all previous orders no longer stand

[G10] Once cells open for they round they must remain open

[G11] First Reaction/Last Reaction based games are refusable

Counter-Terrorist Rules

[CT1] If a player has a mic on CT, he or she takes priority over a non-mic player as warden

[CT2] No favoritism

[CT3] No teamkilling

[CT4] CTs should not be near Ts without good reason. Ts that damage or kill CTs breaking this rule will not become rebels

[CT6] CTs cannot break vents or use secrets except to persue rebelling Ts

[CT7] CTs cannot camp in or around secrets and armory

[CT9] CTs cannot freekill or freeshoot Ts

[CT10] CTs cannot gunplant Ts

[CT11] CTs cannot give crouchwalk, afk freeze, or in-cell orders

[CT12] CTs must give a warning to Ts unless actively rebelling

[CT13] Warden must give Ts a repeat if asked within a reasonable time frame

[CT14] Wardays must allow at least one minute between cells opening and expanding

Terrorist Rules

[T1] Ts may damage or kill CTs if they are unreasonably close without becoming a rebel

[T2] Pointing primary or secondary guns at CTs is KOS

[T3] Any damage to non-baiting CTs is considered KOS

[T4] Damaging vents or using secrets is KOS